D4 Suva, Root

D4 Suva, Root | Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

Conveniently located between Lucerne and Zug in transportation terms, the Rontal has developed into an important economic region. An important contribution in this regard is made by the business and innovation centre “D4 Business Village Luzern” in Root, which Fischer Architekten designed and built in two stages after winning ae study commission procedure.

The site in the Rontal is conveniently located on the plain between Rotkreuz and Ebikon in an area dominated by commercial buildings. The Kantonsstrasse, which determines the direction, and the Zug- Lucerne train line border the site. The terrain slopes slightly from Kantonsstrasse down to the railway tracks. The nearby surroundings are characterised by amorphous commercial buildings and left-over areas.

The ordered pattern of the project with its strictly defined outdoor spaces offers a stark contrast to the heterogeneous surroundings. On Kantonsstrasse, clear and simply designed service buildings are placed around a park that opens towards Pilatus and is terminated towards the access road by an end building that houses central functions. The comb-like arrangement of similar buildings along the main, elongated volume creates courtyard and alley spaces that are free of traffic and are easily comprehended.

The centre buildings of the first building phase create an attractive work environment – the first tenant is the Technopark Lucerne – and on the top two floors there are maisonette apartments. The new train station Root D4 was also built during the first building stage. The separate flanking building of the second stage is intended to accommodate multi-functional spaces and studios.

D4 Business Village Luzern, Platz 4, 6039 Root, Switzerland
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Task New business and innovation centre
Job type Study commission by invitation
Mention 1st prize
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project, general planning
Time period 1998–2003
Challenge Changes in scale, compatibility in the context of the landscape