Zeppelin, Glattpark Opfikon

Zeppelin, Glattpark Opfikon, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

The proposal for a housing development in the Glattpark, north of Zurich, is integrated in the existing urban development which is based on the block edge principle. The entire surroundings can be experienced from all the apartments – boulevard and courtyard, street space and greenery. The competition entry was awarded second prize.

In the development area Glattpark in Opfikon to the north of Zurich a housing development is being built that includes commercial and service industry spaces. The planning site is at the centre of the new urban district, whose character is determined by the principle of block edge development. By setting the western residential volume back the place of of the precisely positioned boulevard building in the hierarchy is clearly established. The development has both a head and an end element, the head confirms the position on the street junction, while the end defines the relationship to the flowing green space.

Apartment floor plans of various kinds with balconies that are incised in the volume are allocated to these two locations. With their recesses and projections, the two row blocks define a continuous internal courtyard space with an identity of its own. The residential and service industry building is uniform and uninterrupted and is placed precisely on the boulevard so that it clearly defines the street space.

The aim is to enable the boulevard, courtyard, street, and green space to be experienced from every apartment. The shift between lively and calm, sunshine and shade, view of the city and view of the lake view is manifested by daytime and living rooms that extend through the depth of the building, the dining areas occupy a sunny position on the facade.

Dufaux-Strasse 35–45, 8152 Opfikon, Switzerland
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Task Newly built housing development
Job type Study commission by invitation
Mention 2nd prize
Time period 2011
Challenge Glattpark development area, existing zoning plan