Unterfeld Süd, Baar
Working partnership with Hosoya Schaefer Architects

Unterfeld Süd, Baar | Fischer Architekten AG, Zürich

On the border between Baar and the town of Zug a forward-looking residential and work district for around one thousand residents and employees is being developed in accordance with the principles of sustainability. The competition entry for the second development phase proposes a differentiated, suitably dimensioned design to create a lively urban location, which in conjunction with the buildings from the first stage makes an important contribution to the identity of the quarter.

The well-developed site Unterfeld Süd combines urban life and the natural landscape of the Lorzenebene. A district design plan provides the conceptual basis for planning the plots on the site. Three height accents underline the significance of the place and create an urban address, while generously sized open spaces with a boulevard, district square and green courtyard embedded in a park-like landscape balance the high density of functions.

The competition for the second development phase of the site covers the plots 1A and 1B. The project proposal consistently develops further the two very clear typologies from the first phase – a courtyard building with a green core, in front of it a high rise with views into the landscape – in this way creating an urban entity. By setting the commercial building back somewhat, a forecourt is created which, as a kind of “neighbourhood stage”, forms a hinge between the green courtyard and the district square and creates a permeable, visually perceptible sequence of open spaces extending from the nearby Lindenpark to the courtyard of plot 1A.

The continuous yet differentiated development of the courtyard building on plot 1A encloses a quiet courtyard garden, a protected space luxuriantly planted with tall trees. Housing and commercial functions face towards this interior world. In contrast the high-rise building on plot 1B stands freely at the interface between the landscape and the urban environment. The ground floor is open on all sides and through its public functions relates to the different outdoor spaces.

The project is characterised by a pragmatic sustainability. A main focus lies on implementing consistent system separation to increase recyclability and on optimised use of established construction materials as a way of reducing grey energy.

Nordstrasse, 6340 Baar, Switzerland
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Task Integrating rental apartments, cooperative housing, a commercial building, and a residential high-rise in a new quarter
Job type Competition after prequalification, working partnership with Hosoya Schaefer Architects
Time period 2021–2022
Challenge Innovative sustainability, creating a new place