Tulpenstrasse, Dübendorf

Tulpenstrasse, Dübendorf | Fischer Architekten AG, Zürich

Three new plots in the centre of Dübendorf are to be newly planned. The project perimeter includes a listed farmhouse, which is part of the village core and is deemed worthy of preservation, and two new residential buildings that differ greatly from each other in terms of size and their positioning in relation to the city.

The planning area is at an interface between large-scale central buildings, disperse housing structures and the historic village core of Dübendorf. Plot B is occupied by a listed farmhouse, which has been extended and added to over the centuries and is now to be remodelled once more. On plots A and C new buildings are to be erected which on the one hand take account of the listed building, while on the other helping to clarify the unsatisfactory urban design situation with its undefined street space.

In this context the new elongated building on plot A assumes the function of an urban caesura. As it extends along the street it allows the historically developed green space at the rear with a public footpath connecting the three buildings to be preserved. A smaller point building on plot C fits into the development structure.

The series of historic farmhouses along Wallisellenstrasse, which is important in terms of urban design and the appearance of the town, is enriched by the creation of a local public space in front of the protected building on plot B. The conversion of this listed building was not undertaken by Fischer Architekten.

In the immediate surroundings houses from the early 19th century with a solidly built expression, coarse render, stone window surrounds, plinths and a warm beige colour define the materiality and the mood that shape the identity of the place. The new buildings adopt these elements in different ways. An ensemble is created that is made up of three very different buildings and two outdoor spaces of high quality.

Tulpenstrasse 2, 8600 Dübendorf, Switzerland
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Task New rental apartments
Job type Feasibility study / direct commission
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project
Time period 2011–2020
Challenge Clarification of the urban design while taking a listed farmhouse into account