Studios J.H. Keller AG, Zurich

Ateliers J.H. Keller AG, Halle Ankunft, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

In the former warehouse of J.H. Keller AG in Zurich Altstetten, where motorcars were once sold and repaired, offices, studios and workshops have been made. Fischer Architekten were commissioned as general planners to implement this work.

The former warehouse of J.H. Keller AG Automobile is located on Vulkanstrasse in Zurich Altstetten. Once used as a car-repair workshop, the spaces in the building were converted into studios. The new main circulation hub is the “hangar” which one can drive into directly via a ramp and which has large openings on both sides. It plays the role of a meeting place for tenants and staff and is used for joint activities. A corridor links this multi-functional hangar with a somewhat smaller entrance hall.

The first floor was converted into rented office and workshop units along with the necessary ancillary spaces and circulation areas. The positioning of the walls between the individual units respects the existing structural grid.

Vulkanstrasse 120, 8048 Zurich, Switzerland
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Task General planning mandate for the realisation of offices and workshops
Job type Feasibility study / direct commission
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project, construction management, general planning
In collaboration with Kaschub Meier Architekten
Time period 2016–2018
Challenge Systemised construction, building physics