Spazio housing development, Küsnacht

Wohnüberbauung Spazio, Küsnacht, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

In the row house development on the edge of the woods in Küsnacht there is a strong focus on generosity and a representative quality. Awarded first prize in a study commission process, the project defines a building complex with clear outlines and specific housing typologies.

The site is located at the edge of the developed area of Küsnacht, a popular district on Lake Zurich, along the road leading to Itschnach. In the west it is bordered by the edge of the woods, while in the north it leads into an area where building is not allowed. The proximity to a recreation space makes this housing development particularly attractive and the topography slopes slightly down to the village, moving it into the field of vision. As a specific distance had to be kept to the woods about one third of the site was not built on, which led to an exciting density of the volumes on the remainder of the plot.

The architectural concept defines a complex of buildings with a clear outline: a platform in the meadow on which three striking buildings stand. The joint access to the buildings divides up the space between them. Courtyards that are cut out of the system serve the ground floor apartments as private outdoor space, while a park with wild meadows surrounds the development.

Each of the three buildings represents a specific housing typology – from the spacious single-family house (on one storey) to the flexible single-storey apartment, to the loft-like, open plan flat. They all have loggias and bright living spaces that are larger than normal with floor-to-ceiling openings. A sense of generosity and a representative quality determine the character of the floor plans and the facades.

Schiedhaldenstrasse 61–65, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland
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Task New housing development
Job type Study commission by invitation
Mention 1st prize
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project (project was not realised)
Time period 2002–2006
Challenge Increase in density in the context of an existing villa district