Residential and studio building, Suhr

Wohn- und Atelierhaus, Suhr, Modell, , Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

The floorplan of the residential and studio building in Suhr (Aargau) is based on the modular system of the “sacred section”, which was first used for Roman villas in Ostia. The new building was awarded the “SIA Priisnagel for Good Buildings” in 1995.

The site is in the northern village part of Suhr, close to the border to the town of Aarau. This quarter is characterised by cubic, two to three storey residential buildings and master-builder houses from the previous century, and this typology and its volumes had a considerable influence on the design.

The new building has the dimensions of a cube – consequently its footprint is a square. The top level is a modern interpretation of an attic storey. The way in which the building is terminated underlines the cubic approach.

A second building is positioned at the rear of the site is the main studio. A courtyard-like space created between the two new buildings serves as a terrace for the ground floor apartments and the same time borders and protects the eastern driveway to the underground garage. In the west the terrace opens to the plant gardens. The entire complex stands on a plinth that rises above the surrounding ground level.

The organising principle for the extremely clear basic form was provided by the “sacred section” – not the golden section – which was once often used for important residential buildings and is based on halving the diagonal of the square. As a result, every room is the same size. The entire floor plan is based on this modular system. Through the special position of the kitchen cube along an inner facade the individual rooms are spatially connected with each other and can be closed off by means of sliding walls.

This project comes from the oeuvre of Leuner & Zampieri (1990–2000).

Panamaweg 1, 5034 Suhr, Switzerland
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Task New residential and studio building
Job type Feasibility study / direct commission
Mention SIA Priisnagel 1995
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project, construction management
Time period 1992–1994
Challenge Integration in a developed district with master builder houses dating from the previous century
Axel Linge