Neumarkt, Zurich Oerlikon

Neumarkt, Zürich Oerlikon, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

This residential and commercial building in Zurich Oerlikon is a complex large-scale project that stacks very different kinds of functions on top of each other without aiming for a uniform formal language.

Located to the east of Zurich Oerlikon Train Station, the site is bordered on three sides by very busy streets. The building is articulated into three main parts: the plinth (with two garages, storage floors and four retail levels), an office high-rise with a further eleven storeys, and lastly a five-storey residential building that rises from the plinth. The retail section accommodates around thirty shops, restaurant, and services businesses.

The three-storey shopping centre was conceived as a plinth architecture with glazed arcades, on three sides the office tower has a “hole-in-the-wall” facade, whereas the west front is wrapped in a stepping, glass and steel curtain wall. Like in English models the residential building sits on the roof of the shopping centre, which is equipped with numerous servant elements.

The ground floor provided the basis for a rational construction system both upwards and downwards. It was built on piles and columns to enable traffic and driveways to operate unhindered, to allow approaches to the neighbouring properties, and to provide storage areas used during the construction of the building.

Hofwiesenstrasse 350, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland
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Kleinert Geschäftshäuser AG
Task New residential and commercial buildings
Job type Feasibility study / direct commission
Deliverables Project, tender, implementation project, construction management
Time period 1978–1981
Challenge Urban building block with a shopping centre and apartments, located at the transportation node Oerlikon Train Station, which demonstrates an approach to urban design typical of the late 1970s