The Circle, Zurich Airport

The Circle, Flughafen Zürich, Ambulatorium, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

In the large-scale project known as The Circle at Zurich Airport, Fischer Architekten are responsible for the detailed design of the areas H13.1 and H13.2. This includes the complex outpatient health centre of Zurich University Hospital, for which the design team is headed by Iria Degen.

The new, architecturally striking building complex The Circle at Zurich Airport was designed by the Japanese architect Riken Yamamoto. On a usable floor area of 180’000 square metres, it includes a convention centre, modern retail areas and facilities in the areas of art, culture, dining, education, and health.

In the context of the given design Fischer Architekten are responsible for the final detailed design of the areas H13.1 and H13.2. This includes the outpatient health centre, which is run by Zurich University Hospital, the main tenant of area H13.2. An outpatient clinic of this size is something new in the Swiss hospital landscape. Radiology, dialysis, dermatology, and a 24-hour emergency service as well as other departments provide a total of around 380 workplaces.

Iria Degen is head of design for the outpatient clinic. The main challenge posed by the detailed design and construction planning – and the particular appeal of this task – lies in precisely fitting the strict conceptual and operational givens into the established structures.

The Circle at Zurich Airport, 8302 Kloten, Switzerland
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Task Planning of basic fitting-out, tenant fitting-out Zurich University Hospital (USZ), design: Iria Degen
Job type Direct commission
Deliverables Implementation project
Time period 2014–2020
Challenge Implementing the building complex designed by architect Riken Yamamoto (Japan) and providing support as the “local architect”
Patrick Wenzel (Fischer Architekten), Rainer Schär