Central administration building, Bülach

Zentrales Verwaltungsgebäude, Bülach, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

Like many recent public buildings, the planned central administration building in Bülach is not located in the historically developed old town but forms part of an undifferentiated carpet of late 20th century development. Together with an existing events hall the proposed building forms the centre of a planned town park.

The different departments of the municipal administration of Bülach were to be concentrated at a single location. Located on the periphery of the old town, the planned administration building occupies a generously sized outdoor space, most of which is landscaped. It forms an ensemble together with the much-frequented Stadthalle (events venue). The pair of buildings establishes a hierarchy on the site and creates a clear centre for the planned town park.

The Stadthalle and the administration building create a balanced system. Between them they generate a square that is raised slightly above its surroundings, which provides a clear address and an area that can be used by neighbours for functions that are directed at the public. The volume of the new administration buildings aims to make a representative gesture on the side facing the square while also respecting the dominant eaves’ heights of the surrounding development.

The external form of the building corresponds with the spacious, centrally positioned stepped hall in the interior. Like a cut-out Baroque figure the interior traces the external shape of the building, while taking account of the different scales of the internal and external spatial givens.

Marktgasse 28, 8180 Bülach, Switzerland
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Task New central administration building
Job type Competition after prequalification
Time period 2016
Challenge Clarification of urban design dissonance