AMAG-BVK, Zurich

AMAG-BVK, Zürich, Fischer Architekten AG Zürich

This project, which was awarded second prize in the competition, is characterized by its clear volumes, which are simple in terms of their construction and the formal idiom employed and are also aesthetically convincing. The proposed building complexes are pieced together to create a “high-rise district” that offers great spatial potential for the public realm.

The AMAG-BVK site lies on Zurich’s northern entry and exit axis, between the inner city and the Glatttal. Here urban planning patterns from different eras encounter each other. Block perimeter developments, converted industrial complexes, row buildings, large single buildings and the existing high-rise complex by Max Dudler are in heterogeneous proximity to each other.

The competition entry continues the existing density in which the new, somewhat lower building complexes are integrated to form a “high-rise district”. The volumes are placed very close to each other on a shared public square and form a quarter which, through its height, the ease with which it can be found, its convenient location, and highly public character generates a new urban quality, a place that can create identity.

The clear structure of the proposal creates specific functions on the different levels. The complex of buildings is terminated by a viewing platform at the height of the beacon at Zurich Airport. The remaining storeys are envisaged as office space. A twin layer glass facade forms the building envelope. The generous columnar grid of the skeleton frame building ensures a high degree of flexibility.

This project was designed by Leuner & Zampieri for Fischer Architekten AG.

Thurgauerstrasse 30, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland
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Task New commercial buildings
Job type Competition by invitation
Mention 2nd prize
Time period 2001
Challenge Integrating a high-rise cluster in existing urban structures